Handcrafts of India

The goal is to develop nightwear which radiate a positive energy. Products, that are made by skilled people whose jobs are dying out, that are made in a sustainable way to not harm our world, gifts that give us a good feeling and make us happy. Revive traditional handcrafts and to interpret them in a modern way. Lets bring together and combine craftsmen from different areas of India that usually would never meet. This handcrafted traditions are priceless, they are earth-friendly and closetst to nature.


Eri silk & natural dyes

the beautiful people i work with in the north east of India are supporting  Forest Dependent Families as well as promoting womens empowernment. Both projects are trying to establish financia independence of these crafts "woman".  They want to bring ecologically sustainable opportunities by integrating the traditional knowledge and craftsmanship of these villages with global ethical fashion market. They create job opportunities and help our world to be a more sustainable place through working with wild Eri Silk and natural fibers which are all naturally dyed.

 Sujni craft in the making

Sujni craft in the making


Handcrafted Sujni:
The handcraft of the Bharuch Sujni is a 150 year old art of weaving. There are however only 3 surviving families who are able to keep this highly complicated form alive. Each thread in the weft is tied by hand and drawn through the loom. A shuttle of colours is oscillated in the warp creating beautiful precise patterns through the fabric. The complicated weaving mechanism of the centuries old loom creates two layers of fabric, which themselves are interwoven to create little pockets. As the Sujni starts taking shape, spun cotton is filled into the pockets creating a quilt that is soft and strong.



Unlike other quilts the Sujni it is not layered with cotton sheet nor are stitches made with hand or machine. It completely woven, incorporating the cotton filling into evenly sized pockets across the surface. This also means that should any pocket get damaged, the rest of the quilt and its filling will remain unaffected, making it a highly resilient and versatile quilt.



Happiness: When you hold a Sujni in your hands, you can feel generations of skill deep understanding of the materials and craft. The skill and tradition of the Sujni is passed on from one generation to the next. Industrial weaving is driving this wonderful craft to extinction. Not only does supporting this craft bring great happiness to the families involved in its production, but will help preserve this beautiful quilting technique for generations to come.