Handcrafts of IndiA

My products tell stories of artisans that are passionately..


Eri silk from Guwahati & natural dyes

the beautiful people i work with in the north east of India are supporting  Forest Dependent Families as well as promoting womens empowernment. Both projects are trying to establish financia independence of these crafts "woman".  They want to bring ecologically sustainable opportunities by integrating the traditional knowledge and craftsmanship of these villages with global ethical fashion market. They create job opportunities and help our world to be a more sustainable place through working with wild Eri Silk and natural fibers which are all naturally dyed.



The handcraft of Bharuch Sujni is a 150 year old art of weaving. Today there are still three families involved and keep this tradition alive. A shuttle of two colours is put in the warp threads with the aim of turning the warp and the weft. The quilt starts taking shape during the weaving, when spun cotton is added and little pockets are filled in and woven into squares. The result is a padded look.


Unique and unlike other quilts, the Sujni quilts are not layered with cotton sheet. The perfection of the quilt with an identical look from both sides, is created by one fully integrated weaving process. Other quilt producers always need to add to the weaving process either manual or machine driven processes, which do not allow to achieve the harmony in the look of the Bharuch Sujni manufacture.


Happiness I felt, when I visited the Sujni craftsmen & women in their workshops  and indicated my interest in their product and philosophy of manufacture. They in turn expressed their love for skills which had been passed over for generations and only within this community. However they expressed the need to quit their craftsmenship, if there are not a sufficient number of customers who are willing to appreciate their products, Existential needs may urge the Sujnis to look for jobs in ordinary industrial companies.


My aim is to preserve highly valuable crafts and keeping capable people and personalities in businesses where they combine handcraft skills, unique product results under the rules of ,selfrespect and selfcontrol. The question I have to answer will be: How can I reach enough interested people who share my interest and look for an attractive and natural product of a unique kind. And here is the point in time where I start to address to people who understand and might join in this effort to contribute in the most meaningful form in the development of underdeveloped areas in the world.


Hand weaving in Assam


The art of Kurta Pyjamas