The ongoing story


It is the passion for details, the love for foreign cultures, and partly forgotten, traditional handicrafts that unite all the designs of Patricia Schmidt. The Designer living between Munich and Mubai creates delicate, imaginative sleepwear, sleep masks and accessories for her 2018 label, all of which are created sustainably and based on elaborate production techniques in Indian cooperatives.

That Patricia Schmidt runs her own label today is no coincidence, but rather determination. The passion for fashion has been with the Entrepreneur since her childhood. At that time, she traveled around the world with her parents, plunging into many colorful to dazzling (fashion) cultures. During her schooldays, it was the second-hand looks of her theater class that spanned stories and gave them new life. No less fanciful was her graduation collection at the Berlin Esmod University, which was among others also shaped by the visual art of African tribes. For her first own collection, she found inspiration in Mexican folklore combining the modern world of Jonathan Adler. Even after career stops at renowned labels such as Tillmann Lauterbach, Dorothee Schumacher, JJSLEE and Chloé. There was still a very special wish to preserve, modernize and restore new attention to almost extinct craftsmanship passed on through generations.

 On every journey, in every country, she went in search of exactly these craftsmen. It was discovered in many places, but nobody inspired her as much as India. For her label, she supports and connects three local family manufactories today. These not only realize Patrica Schmidt's colorful, imaginative designs, but also embody her mission and fashion philosophy. Namely, to make the world a happier, more individual and beautiful place with transparently made, hand-crafted looks and accessories. Lets preserve UNIQUE – HANDCRAFTES - HAPINESS  is the motto.